Q.  Where is Chrysalis located?

A.  Chrysalis Community is located in Arlington, VA.


Q.  Are you part of or affiliated with any other organization?

A.  We are not affiliated with any other organization.  We have been inspired by the insights of the New Culture movement (www.new-culture.org); three of the residents are the main organizers for the East Coast branch (www.cfnc.us).


Q.  Do you grow your own food?

A.  We do not have much land, and we have a lot of mature trees.  Only a few small patches of ground get even a half-day’s sunlight.  While this makes for a prettier view, cleaner air, and cooler summers than most of the DC area, it is not an ideal location for growing food.  We do have a small organic garden in the front yards of our houses.


Q.  Are you open to people with children?

A.  Zoning laws restrict the number of people in each house, so while we appreciate and honor children (in fact, most of *us* were children at one time!), each child would have to contribute financially at the same rate as an adult—which is not feasible for most parents. 


Q.  Do you have any group projects?

A.  We have no “official” group projects; we are very oriented to individual initiatives.  However, several of us have varying involvements in New Culture; This link (http://cfnc.us/newculture.html) describes some of the core values.


Q.  I write romance novels for a living, and keep to myself.  Am I a good match for Chrysalis?

A.  We are looking for folks who are actively involved in progressive social change as a major part of their lives. While many folks may share our values, and we would enjoy meeting them and having them as part of our extended family, the residential part of Chrysalis is a home for progressive activists that is supportive for both their work and their personal lives. 

However, we don’t have a narrow definition of what social change entails.  It could be working for environmental causes, social justice, international understanding, peace, or LGBTxx rights.  Or it could be some kind of social enterprise, a business that has social benefit as part of its goals.  We are looking for people who have translated their values into *action*, rather than those who simply share some of our beliefs.

Please don’t be concerned that we would not see your passionate involvement as “worthy”; we’re not here to judge anyone or their choices.  What intrigues us is that you are passionate about *something* that has a progressive social benefit.  So if our description excites you, please contact us!


Q.  Do you have a visitor program for prospective members?

A.  We are a small community, and prefer a more informal style of getting to know people.  If you have an interest in Chrysalis, contact us and we will figure ways to connect with each other.   A good way to start is by reading this website and our listing at http://directory.ic.org/20351/Chrysalis_Community, as well as following the links above.   Then write us a detailed letter on why you are interested in Chrysalis, what your passions are, and what your path in life has been like so far.







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